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Publication of Winona Lakes
Property Association

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Is this community safe for our kids?
Our children’s safety is our paramount concern. Within the past two years, Winona Lakes consolidated the bus stops on Turkey Ridge Road to a single location at the old mailbox area on Park Drive.
What upcoming events are planned?
Winona Lakes has a regular schedule of events! Visit our Events page for more information.

About Us

Few events in life are more exciting than buying your home. We’re glad you’ve chosen us! You’re now a member of our Community Association. We’re proud of our Association and trust it will continue to the quality of your experience in our community. Here are a few tips and bits of information to help you make the most of community association living.

Your Own Space – There’s one important difference between renting and owning a home that you need to keep in mind. Unlike renting, your home and its upkeep belong entirely to you. You’re responsible for all maintenance for any part of your home that is used only by you or your family. So, when the faucet leaks, the first person to call is your favorite plumber, not the Association manager.

Common Elements and Dues – The community has a number of common areas and services – like the grounds and the maintenance to keep them attractive and enjoyable. We share these areas and their expenses when we pay our dues.

Community Rules – Because many residents share the common areas, it’s necessary to have a few basic rules so everyone can enjoy the community. If you don’t have a copy of the community rules, please call the Office at 570-588-9309.

Membership – When you bought your new home, you became a member of our Community Association. Membership entitles you to attend and observe board meetings and vote in board elections. You may even want to consider running for a board seat yourself. Our community thrives because residents volunteer for committee assignments and eagerly stand for board elections. Get involved – we need you. Please contact the Office at 570-588-9309 for more information or if you have any questions about the Association.